Call for applications

The People’s Matrix Association invites suitable candidates for the position of Monitoring and Evaluation Officer for EpiC project.

Roles: The EpiC M&E Officer will be responsible for:

1. Providing the technical and strategic oversight of M&E activities within the key populations program,

2. for ensuring that the program maintains its strategic vision, and that its activities realize the intended outputs and outcomes in a cost effective and timely manner.

3. The incumbent will be responsible for ensuring that suitable monitoring and evaluation systems are in place, implemented as intended, and

4. that there is reporting in a comprehensive and timely manner to facilitate the effective program implementation and achievement of desired outcomes and impacts.

5. The incumbent will also be responsible for leading the planning and implementation of research and learning activities within the program.

Applicants must send their Curriculum Vitae, Cover letter and copy of qualifications to lepotamasamo@gmail.com

Deadline: 11th November 2022

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