what we do

1. Health Program

The People’s Matrix invests its resources to respond to the health needs of the LGBTIQ+ community in Lesotho. The organisation implements strategies that support LGBTIQ+ community that needs access to HIV prevention and treatment, gender affirming services, menstrual health and other general health services at grass root and clinical  level through peer education and Drop in Centers.   

2. Documentation and management of Human Rights violation cases

The People’s Matrix supports victims of violence at community level; through provision case management and linkages to justice and social services. The organisation in collaboration with community leaders and The Lesotho Mounted Police Services identifies human rights violations on the base of sex, sexual orientation and gender identities and support victims to access services.

3. Mediation

The organisation also mediates between families, parents and LGBTQ+ community members in Lesotho; this is to help families to understand diversities within gender and sexuality.

4.Sensitization Dialogue Discussions

Matrix regularly facilitates dialogue discussion with multiple stakeholders at a national, community level.

5. Awareness Raising

Awareness raising through peace march, media (print, virtual and audio), social events, public gatherings and facilitated film screenings.

6. Capacity Enhancement

Matrix advocacy work has been uplifted through capacity strengthening of activists at national and community level.

7. Research

The organisation invests many of its resources in research. The research informs  the organisations programming and helps strengthen advocacy tools and strategies by identifying human rights violation gaps

8. Religion

For the LGBTIQ+ community of faith, the organisation developed collaboration with the international, regional organisations and local organisations. The program supports individuals to strengthen their spiritual lives and creates a conducive environment of worship.

9. Capacity Strengthening

Capacity strengthening for both the organisation and activists is crucial for sustainability of the movement in Lesotho. It is under this program that Matrix collaborates with local institutions to outsource technical support. Matrix facilitates capacity assessment annually to analyze the gaps and areas of improvement. The organization further analyzes opportunities to address training needs where possible and seek support for close mentorship. The program serves to strengthen the organisation holistically.  

10. Movement Binding

The organization has also initiated support groups at district level to ensure wide coverage. These are groups of LGBTIQ+ community members who meet on a monthly basis to address the issues affecting the movement in Lesotho and expand human rights advocacy at grassroots level.