COuntry context

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex issues are taboo subjects in Lesotho, and the advent of Matrix in the community has bridged some of the gaps for LGBTI+ expression and rights. MATRIX is necessary in Lesotho to provide support to LGBTIQ+ members in Lesotho and to raise awareness on the incidences of violence, social exclusion, hate crimes and discrimination faced of this marginalised population within the communities.

The recent study on the mental health and wellbeing of LGBTI in Lesotho amongst at least 173 people and 500 from MSM and WSW health and human rights study indicated that there is existence of LGBTI community amongst the Lesotho communities. Because of the conservative culture of the Basotho people, most LGBTIQ+ people are not able to live openly within their communities.

Therefore, this MATRIX’s advocacy supports and strengths a coordinated voice for LGBTI persons as well as encourages integration of these people within the communities in Lesotho.

The overall objective of MATRIX’s activities and programmes is to advocacy for equality and fair treatment of human rights among the communities living in the country, regardless of sex, sexuality and gender identity. This is because the LGBTIQ+ individuals in Lesotho are still marginalized and stigmatized from society at large due to their sexual orientation or gender identity. They face issues such they cannot have access to adequate treatment, care and support related to their health and HIV and AIDS or they find themselves unemployed because of the prejudice related to LGBTIQ+.

Due to these issues, there is more and more LGBTIQ+ whose rights are evaluated and are being infected by HIV and AIDS or other Sexual transmitted diseases because they cannot have access to information to prevent them from being infected or even access legal systems.