vision & Mission

Our Mission

People’s Matrix Association is dedicated to advancing human rights in
Lesotho, with a particular focus on SSOGIE (Sex, Sexual Orientation,
Gender Identity and Gender Expression).

Our Vision

A country where there is justice and
freedom for all regardless of sexual orientations, gender identities and
gender expressions.

Our Values


In our modus operandi, we are open, honest, respectful and take responsibility for our actions


We seek to fathom the diverse circumstances and cultures of the Lesotho people and ensure that all experiences are respected and recognised


We broaden our impact by working with our partners, members and stakeholders on shared goals to achieve the best outcomes


We consciously reflect and learn to improve our work and achieve our vision through being open to new ideas and fresh approaches


We do what we do well and base our work on evidence of need and effectiveness


We strive to achieve maximum influence to promote visibility, health and well-being of LGBTIQA+ people, families and communities