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We are The People’s Matrix Association


Global Movement For Love And Equality

We engage in impactful programming at building a sustainable community of people with diverse orientations, gender identity and gender expression in Lesotho. 

The organization has also initiated support groups at district level to ensure wide coverage. These are groups of LGBTIQ+ community members who meet on a monthly basis to address the issues affecting the movement in Lesotho and expand human rights advocacy at grassroots level.

We offer a range of free services to LGBTIQ+ community members in Lesotho from HIV prevention and treatment, information dissemination to menstrual and mental health services.

We invest resources into programs that range from health awareness and treatment, raising awareness to supporting victims of violence. Find out more how you can contribute and support our actions.

 We also work to support the development of national organisations working on human right issues in Lesotho and internationally.


We are getting tired of trying really hard to prove that this is not a disease that needs to be cured. We do what we can to make their lives normal.

Carol Stephens

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The People’s Matrix offers free services to LGBTIQ+ community members in Lesotho. We offer free services  support LGBTIQ+ community that needs access to HIV prevention and treatment, gender affirming services, menstrual health and other general health services.

Services include but are not limited to Emergency Support, Consultations, Health Services and Counselling.


News & Updates

Here’s what’s happening around our community and beyond.


The People’s Matrix Association is pleased to invite you to the commemoration of Transgender Remembrance Day 2022 which will be held on Friday 18 November

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For generations, the transgender population has suffered various forms of abuse (and even death) for challenging the views, notions, and stereotypes around “male” and “female”

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Call for applications The People’s Matrix Association invites suitable candidates for the position of Monitoring and Evaluation Officer for EpiC project. Roles: The EpiC M&E

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World Sexual Health Day 2022

4 September is celebrated globally as World Sexual Health Day, an awareness day that promotes global advocacy to promote the best practices in sexual health.

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IDAHOBiT 2022: Press Statement

May 2, 2022 International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia 2022 “Our Bodies, Our Lives, Our Rights” LGBTIQ+ across the country with The Peoples Matrix will

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