Since the inception, the organisation managed to maintain its response on the needs of SSOGIE movement leaving no one behind, this was done through multiple programs within the organisation.

Though it took so long for the organisational capacity to be at the level that promotes healthy working conditions for all staff members, the organisation was able to review and strengthen some of its policies, frameworks and systems in 2018.

For the organisation to be able to spread its wings across the country and strengthen the SSOGIE movement has been a great achievement that let to visibility of the movement which is slowly brining about the positive results on acceptance of the LGBTIQ+ folks across the country.

The organisation has also done an outstanding work through the support from the international organisations, regional partners and local stakeholders in uplifting evidence on MSM, WSW, and Transgender and throughout the whole LGBTIQ+ spectrum. This has been used to support national programs, and shared within regional and international fora to support the global response to the needs of LGBTIQ+ people.