The People’s Matrix Association Statement on harassment and discrimination of LGBTIQ+ individuals in Lesotho 

The People’s Matrix strongly condemns the rampant human rights abuses masquerading as comments and public opinions – on the civil union of Likhabiso Phamotse and her partner on social media platforms. 

This negative rhetoric is dangerous and perpetuates, normalises and trivialises homophobia, discrimination and violence against the LGBTIQ+ community and its allies. While the comments and views expressed can be viewed as harmless and largely virtual, their impact is real and tangible resulting in violence and deaths.

The Constitution of Lesotho guarantees protection of the fundamental human rights  and freedoms for all persons within its boundaries which include:

Chapter II

Section 4

(g) Right to respect for private life and family

(j) freedom of expression

(l) Freedom of association

(n) Freedom from discrimination

Cognizant of the need for a more inclusive society in Lesotho, the Chief Justice of Lesotho has recently and publicly called for the “cultivation of an LGBTQI+ sensitive culture” in Lesotho. 

These incidences of harassment are unconstitutional, unwarranted, immoral and repugnant to the very spirit of freedom of expression and human rights. These incidences should be criminalized and perpetrators duly dealt with.

For anyone who has experienced any form of human rights violations or discriminations based on their sex characteristics, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expressions(SSOGIE), please feel free to report your case with the People’s Matrix through our facebook page. All reported cases are dealt with in complete confidentiality.

The People’s Matrix Association is the legally registered non-governmental organization based in Maseru. The organization is dedicated to advancing human rights in Lesotho with a particular focus on Sex, Sexual Orientation, Gender identity and Gender expression (SSOGIE). We envisage a country free from all forms or moral prejudice and discrimination and a country where there is justice and freedom for all.


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  1. Well done. I have experienced the wrath of an elderly woman who is a parent herself, who stood by her own son who had committed a crime but who was never judged by anyone herself. That’s aside from her personal weaknesses that can be exposed if needs be. The type and level of insults she hurled at me are yet to stand their tests in the courts of law. I find it totally unacceptable for her to have found it befitting to use amy private parts as her weapon to motivate her wierd stance against other people’s rights…using her obscured vision to judge other parents and their children. What an absurdity for such a peculiar person with so much in her own baggage to pretend to be a holier than thou.

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