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16 November 2022


The People’s Matrix Association was established in 2008 as a unique Non – Governmental Organisation. The organization is charged with creating an enabling environment for people with diverse sexual orientations, gender identities, and gender expressions by promoting unity, solidarity, cohesion, and cooperation among LGBTIQA+ people in Lesotho and developing new partnerships nationally, regionally, and worldwide.

For generations, the transgender population has suffered various forms of abuse (and even death) for challenging the views, notions, and stereotypes around “male” and “female” identities. Every year we set aside November 20th as a Transgender Day of Remembrance. This day is meant to honor, commemorate, and memorialize those who face discrimination and stigma (often on a daily basis) across the nation. This day is also meant to advocate for transgender people’s rights and focus on the persistent struggles they face in their everyday lives, and how others can share their love, support, and hope.

International research, as well as analysis from Lesotho, suggests that not being able to change one’s gender marker impacts access to healthcare and mentnal health and well-being. For example, one in three transgender people in Lesotho (36 percent) is denied access to health care.

The Gender Legal Recognition, jointly published by the People’s Matrix Association, Women and Law Southern Africa (WILSA), and Southern African Litigation Center (SALC),  also provides information and guidance on the interpretation of the legal framework and other social challenges faced by transgender and gender non-conforming people in obtaining legal gender recognition. This is presented as a solution to mitigate discrimination against transgender and gender-diverse persons. The report can be found here

The People’s Matrix Association will host a march and gather strategic stakeholders in government and NGO space. We will start with a peace march to raise awareness, followed by sessions where we will reflect on the advocacy and commitments necessary to promote, protect, and realize the rights of people with diverse gender identities and expressions.

Details are as follows:

08h00: Solidarity March – Setsoto Stadium to Victoria Hotel 

10h00: Victoria Hotel; Machabeng Hall

The theme for the day is Black attire: Please bring a candle for the candle vigil.


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