We are excited to announce this year’s IDAHOBiT Calendar. We shall be hosting a total of four events this year in the following districts:

Mohale’s Hoek for the Southern Districts (14th May)

Thaba-Tseka (17th May)

Butha-Buthe in the North (21st May)

Maseru (May 28th)

Please note that the hosting district will be hosting two other districts for the event in their general cardinal orientation, with a special exception for Thaba-Tseka and Maseru. Therefore, IDAHOBiT Butha-buthe will host Leribe and Berea; IDAHOBiT Mohale’s-Hoek will play host to Mafeteng and Quthing.

This year’s theme is Our Bodies, Our Lives, Our Rights

A great theme under which many forms of advocacy are possible: claiming our rights to live our sexualities and to express our gender(s) freely, but also demanding to be from physical violence, from conversion so-called “therapies” to forced sterilisation of Trans and Intersex people.

A theme that reminds us that many of us across the world live LGBTQI-phobias in their very flesh every day and that our bodies are being abused, ruining our lives. Our bodies are our lives. And we have a right to live free and in dignity!

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