Happy Trans Day of Visibility!

I have devoted my life to my activism. I am my activism. I will never be shamed into thinking that passing will ever make me feel secure in the illusion.
Yes, passing allows me privileges that others who are not as fortunate as I am do not have, and that is normally a chance to be socially accepted and loved. But this usually comes at a price: to hide from everyone what you truly are. This is precisely why my openness about my transgenderism is so important.
Inherited stigma is a thing, and it is part of the transphobia perpetrated by society, making our lives and those that choose to love us difficult. Transgender people deserve love free of stigma to those that choose to love them.
Being transgender is only a part of who I am. I deserve to be loved in my truth: fully, openly, shame-free. In fact, I deserve to be celebrated. Not everyone gets the chance to self-correct in this lifetime.
I could pass with the best of them, and I would still choose to publicly embrace my history over and over again.
Happy Trans Day of visibility!

Author: Giselle

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